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How to import contacts into your CCM.

Cloud Customer Manager a module designed to help you store and organize your customer contacts in a very efficient way. Those contacts will be either:

  • Used automatically by the system to send invitations to register online and refer their nearest ones.
  • Used manually by you to schedule or send marketing campaigns on very precise targets

CCM has support for profiles, allowing you to better group your contacts under certain labels and further build your campaigns to target a specific audience.

To import a contact, you can click on Community in the left section of the administration interface and then click on Import in the right section.

CCM lets you import contacts previously collected manually in a Spreadsheet file (Excel, CSV, etc).

You must first create a Spreadsheet file with the following columns:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender: Must be either Male or Female
  • Email
  • Phone:
  • Profiles: A previously created profile. If user is part of multiple Profiles, then separate with comma. Note that profile is mandatory. You cannot import contacts without it. Discover How to create Profiles.
  • Save the Spreadsheet as CSV.

Import the file
It’s pretty obvious, go to Community, then click Import. Browse and select the file, then confirm to run the Import.

Click Save to submit

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