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Link the domain name to your website

This link is done in 3 steps: Determine your IP address, insert it at the registrar, and insert your new name on your website. At the registrar, it will be a question of informing the redirection address of your domain name, in clear, where the Internet user must be redirected when he enters the address of your website in his browser. On your site, it will simply be a matter of filling in the name that you have acquired from the Registrar.

  1. Determine the IP address of your website.

On a Windows machine follow these steps:

  1. Start → Run
  2. In the small window that appears type the following command:

ping -t

  1. Note the IP address that appears.

NB: On a Mac or Linux machine, run the same command from the Terminal tool

      2.  At your Registrar ...

  1. Connect to the administration panel of your domain at the Registrar.
  2. Look for the DNS section
  3. Click edit to access the DNS records editing window
  4. Add the following 2 records:
  5. Fill in the following information:   
  • Type: A, subdomain: @, value: IP_address
  • Type: A, subdomain: www, value: IP_address

       6.  Validate it all

NB : DNS changes are not taken into account instantly, you will have to wait a few minutes if you have just bought a domain name, or up to 24 hours for a domain name that already exists.

  1. Replace the default link with your domain name

Once the domain name has been purchased, you must link it to your website. To do this, go to your newly created site on ikwen at Log on to the administration panel and at the home page, scroll down to the "Domain name" section. Fill in the domain name in the field reserved for this purpose and validate.

That's all! Your site will now be accessible through http://votre-entreprise.ext. However, the link remains valid. If you want to change your domain name later on, it is still possible by following the same steps described above.

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