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ScolarFleet   →   Access & Account management

How to access to the platform ScolarFleet ?


1. Login with the IKWEN account that has deployed the school.


2. Click on the applications menu 

 3. Search your school 

4. Login again                                   

Welcome to SCLOLARFLEET administration page.

This page is organized into 2 sections and a navigation bar.

The left section contains thumbnails on which you click to achieve a feature.

Whereas the right section is the exactly place where the admin achievement is realized such as having a sight on the dashboard or orders, fulfilling products and categories informations etc.

The navigation bar situated at the top helps you to have an idea on which section you are, exactly like the file explorer does. And thus you can move backward. At the same time, you view your website

just by clicking on « Go to website ».


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