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Setup school management

The configuration of your school includes subjects, levels, classes, discipline criteria, teachers and their different responsibilities.


    1. Adding subjects
    • Click Subjects from the menu bar on the left. There you will find materials installed by default.
    • Add your own if needed by clicking Add in the upper right corner. The coefficients are later configured by level.

                      2.  Adding grade levels

    • Click Levels in the left menu bar
    • Click Add in the upper right corner. This is where you will configure the cost of each of the payment installments you defined previously.
    • Check the subjects taught at this level and insert their respective coefficients, the number of lessons due and the number of hours due.
    • Register

         3.   Adding classes

Click Classes in the menu bar on the left, then click Add in the upper right.

Here you can configure the cost of each of the payment ranges you defined previously. The default costs will be those configured for the class level.

In the same way as for the levels you check the subjects taught in this class and then you can define for each of them:

    • The teacher (NOT MANDATORY, this can be done later since)
    • The subject group to which it belongs
    • The coefficient
    • The number of lessons due
    • The number of course hours due

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