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Add a student

Students are added to a class. There are 2 ways:

  1. Add one to one
  2. Import from a CSV file
    1. Add a student manually
    • Click on the Classes menu
    • Click on the class menu and choose Access to get inside the class.
    • From there click Add in the top right corner to access the form for adding a student.
    • Fill in the information and save

After registering, you will return to the student's form and you will be able to add a photo of the student and the parents' information.

WARNING: You must absolutely add the correct parent information for the parent to have access to their child's online tracking. The parent will be notified based on this information, so please fill it out carefully.

2. Import from a CSV file

    • Create your CSV file according to this template.

    • Click on the Import button in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Find the file and validate to launch the import.
    • Check Set fees if you want these students to be considered as not having paid and then fees awaiting payment will be placed on their file so that parents can pay them online or on the spot. If you want these students to be considered as having already paid for everything. Uncheck this option
    • Confirm to start the import
    • Confirm to start the import


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