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Cash-out payment on behalf a student


Financial Statements

Here are all payments (mandatory or not) to the attention of the person in charge of the student. The parent can pay this invoice directly online by the means of his or her choice, or pay in cash at the school cash desk.

When a student is created, the payments related to tuition fees are directly placed according to the headings and due dates configured. You can add new ones.

    1. Place an "invoice’’

Invoices are placed by clicking on the context menu button of the item (or group of items) for which you want to place the invoice. Thus you can place an invoice for :

     1)   A particular student

By clicking the button ... from the Accounts tab of its details

      2)   One class

By clicking on the button ... of the class details

     3)   All classes of a level

By clicking on the button ... of the class group

     4)   The whole establishment by clicking the big New button

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