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Fill student discipline


Note the student's discipline: Delay, absences, reprimands, and temporary expulsion.

Entering a student's discipline information can be done from the class list (Classes → Student_class_of_the_student) or on a student's details page which is accessed by clicking on the student's name in the list. In either case, click on the menu button to enter the information and the form will appear.

    1. Note delays and absences
    • Choose the type: Absence
    • Fill in the number of hours (or number of days in the case of an exclusion)
    • Fill in the date
    • Fill in the details
    • Save

                      2.   Justify a delay or absence

    • Go to the Student Discipline tab
    • Repeat in the list the delay or absence to be justified.
    • Click the pop-up menu for the time of absence and then click Justify to access the justification form.
    • Fill in a few details
    • Upload an image

                    3.   Convocations

    1. Issuing a summons

From the Discipline tab on the Student Details page:

    • Click on the context menu and choose Summon Parent.
    • Fill in the date of the summons
    • Fill in the details of this convocation
    • Check Send SMS to parents to notify parents by SMS.

NB: You will need to have SMS credit in your account for this to happen.

                    2.   Definitive exclusion

This functionality is only accessible to the headmaster. On the Discipline tab of the student in question, Click on Final Exclusion and confirm

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