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How do targeted revivals work ?

You save customers’ contacts and split them in different folders called Profiles. Eg. Student, Company, etc. Once this is done, you can decide to configure a repeated message that will be sent to contacts in a Profile. You can set the sending on certain dates of the month, certain days of the week or after a certain number of days. You can even set the exact time of the day when messages should be sent. Messages are sent via Mail and/or SMS. You will need to have some mail and SMS credit. Every Tsunami bundle comes with a certain number of Mail and SMS. You can still buy more if it runs out before the end of the period. The system also sends automatic messages to your customers upon the arising of certain conditions. For example, customers interested in a type of product are notified when you publish one online. When the cost of a product is lowered, customers interested in that type of products are also notified by Mail/SMS, etc.